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The Dry Age Guy: Mirco Beutler brings meat ‘haute couture’ to Dubai

By Hotel&Catering News Middle East.

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Mirco The Dry Ager Guy birngs haute couture in Dubai

The Dry Age Boutique, now open at Wafi Mall, is the brainchild of Mirco Beutler, a hospitality professional with more than 12 years of international and regional F&B experience. Known to industry insiders as ‘The Dry Age Guy’, Mirco has supplied dry-aged meats and dry-ageing technology to fine dining restaurants, including New York City’s iconic Delmonico’s and Reserve Cut on Wall Street.

How did you get your start in F&B?

Back in Germany, I went through a F&B management training programme at the Kempinski Hotel in Munich. It allowed me to gain insight into all aspects of hotel F&B.

How were you introduced to the idea of dry aging?

Twelve years ago, a company from Germany called Dry Ager contacted me to represent their fridges in the region and create demand and interest for dry-aged meats in the Middle East. Our first customer was Prime68 at JW Marriott Marquis, followed by Seafire at Atlantis and other reputable restaurants in the region soon followed.

Explain the benefits of the process.

It tastes better, and has better texture and improved flavour caused by aging, which allows enzymes to break down the muscle tissue – leading the meat to become extremely tender and boast a nutty flavour which develops over time. The duration of the process depends on the cut and type of meat.

How did the idea for Dry Age Boutique come about?

During lockdown, when restaurants were closed, there was a demand for dry-aged meat from consumers because I saw an increase in fridge orders for home use; rather than providing the hardware, we could provide them with the actual product instead.

What sets your concept apart from other butchers in the market?

First of all, we don’t classify ourselves as a butcher shop and don’t like to be associated with that concept. The Dry Age Boutique replicates the experience of being in a designer store. It’s the haute couture of meat.

Why did you feel that this was the right time to launch this type of concept?

During the past year, we have all felt the need to come back to basics – spending time with family, enjoying nature and good food. This period has underlined the importance of quality, and quality time. This also applies to what you consume. People are opting to eat less quantities, but of better quality products.

Who is your target market?

We enable our customers to replicate the experience and quality of a fine dining restaurant in their own home. Our clientele is made up of people with a disposable income, who value the quality of dry-aged meats and a luxury experience.

Do you also plan to supply to restaurants?

Yes, I strongly believe that high-end standalone establishments like mine can assist standalone independent concepts which may not have the capability to dry-age their own meat, to provide their customers with premium quality dry-aged meats. 

What’s next for The Dry Age Boutique?

We’ve just opened our flagship store in Wafi and have our sights set on Riyadh. We’ve already had an incredible amount of interest in this concept from Saudi Arabia. Further afield, we’re looking at sites in New York.

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