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Feature Article: Meat connoisseurs will love this new boutique butcher shop

By Elise Kerr – written 22nd March 2021

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The Crown at The Dry Age Boutique

Think you know a thing or two about a good piece of meat? Then you’re sure to be familiar with dry aging, a process whereby meat is stored under particular conditions for anywhere between 28 and 100+ days. What is left is then a juicier, tastier cut, where flavors intensify the longer it is aged.

Until now, it’s been somewhat of a challenge to find this type of meat in Dubai. It’s rarely found on a restaurant menu, and only a small amount of butchers have the means to supply it. Enter: The Dry Age Boutique, a specialist butcher shop now open in Wafi Mall.

The Dry Age Boutique offers a huge range of high-grade meat cuts including dry-aged beef, lamb, duck, deer, or even camel. Modeled on a designer retail concept, guests will be assigned an associate on arrival and will be given the opportunity to sample freshly-grilled meats in-store.

The boutique is the brainchild of hospitality professional and meat mastermind, Mirco Beutler, otherwise known as The Dry Ager Guy. His passion for the craft comes from years of serving dry-aged meats and dry aging technology to fine dining restaurants around the world.

Going above the expected selection for a typical butcher shop, The Dry Age Boutique will even serve exclusive cuts of 9+ Wagyu and Japanese A5, which are rarely found to buy dry-aged. The store prides itself on offering the most luxurious proteins available.

The Dry Age Boutique Tasting Room Exterior

The Dry Age Boutique is located at Dubai’s Wafi Mall, Level 1.

“If you’re trying to eat less meat, you should be eating the highest quality meat available and, if you’re on a high protein diet, the intramuscular fat and marbling found in our dry aged meats contain more beneficial fatty acids,” said Beutler.

The Dry Age Boutique located at Wafi Mall, Dubai is open every Monday to Saturday 12:00 PM to 9:00 PM, and Friday 3:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Closed on Sundays. @thedryageboutique

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