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Dry Ager Guy Truffles Up for the Burgundy Truffle Season

Dry Ager Guy Truffles Up The Dry Age Boutique celebrating the Burgundy Truffle Season, topping his signature dry-aged meat cuts with fresh Italian Truffle. The unique combination of dry-aged steaks accomplished with a touch of fresh burgundy truffles from the Truffle Man Dubai enhances the flavor profile, providing a different experience for the carnivores and meat lovers at the Dry Age Boutique. Limited time only!

The Dry Age Boutique is located at Level 1 opposite Starbucks at Wafi City Dubai. The Dry Age Boutique’s tasting concept offers dry-aged meats grilled to perfection within its Tasting Room and its licensed venue, The Vintage, a super cozy New York Speakeasy style theme venue in a private atmosphere.

For bookings, WhatsApp or call 0523074000 to reserve your slot in advance.

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